Get Out of the Church


Get Out Of The Church: Step One

Studies show that, after someone has been a Christian for some time, they no longer have many friends who are not Christian. It's time to get out of the Church.


Step 2: Reflect

How long have you been a Christian?

How many non-Christian friends do you have?

How many activities do you regularly participate in that are not connected to your profession or your congregation?

What do you notice about the community that you have developed? How could you expand it?

What communities fascinate you? (Sometimes this means it's kind of scary and exciting to think about them all at once, especially before you try it.) Skydiving? Fiber spinning? Drag racing? Community book groups? Challenge yourself to write down 30 or more groups/activities that you are curious about. No censoring! You are making zero commitments right now, just brainstorming. The higher you go in number, the farther out of your comfort zone you'll go, so don't give up at 10!

Deeper reading

Our next lesson introduces Leonard Sweet's book, Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There. To take this curriculum to the next level, pick up your copy before you move on to the next video. Take a look at the thumbprint on the cover. What do you see? What do you think it means? Open up the book and explore.

Next Step

Find a community and go to it.

This is your chance to narrow down that list of 30+ groups/activities. Choose one that you can reliably attend in the next week or two and make a commitment to yourself to go and check it out. 

This doesn't mean you're buying your skating gear this week! It can mean that you're going to a game, showing up at a meeting, or taking a tour of the gym. Take one small step. 

Community Conversation

Have you picked out where you're going? Share your excitement with others and let us support you and celebrate your success! God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group