God With/In
Heal the World. Sing the Good News.

More than any other action in his ministry, Jesus healed. He healed anyone. He ignored social constructs and defied conventions. He healed people back into community, and he healed communities back into life. That healing drew people to Jesus, and eventually to the early church. 

Over time the focus shifted. The church became an institution. Eventually it traveled across an ocean and landed on the shores of North America. The concern on the hearts of those arriving was not the healing of communities, it was conversion at all costs and this legacy created a branch of evangelism that is withering.

500 years after the arrival of Christianity on the shores of North America, 500 years after the Reformation that scattered Christians along denominational lines, it is time to return to the healing of Jesus and the way that he welcomed and called people into faith.

This curriculum examines the roots of evangelism and gives concrete tools for people of faith to learn how to step into communities that they love to be a healing presence and a singer of the good news song. This understanding of evangelism is not about saving souls (Jesus took care of that a while ago). This is about living a God soaked life among God's people and nudging others to do the same.

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