The words “I hear you” have magical healing properties: “Listen, that you may live.” Listening heals the soul.
— Leonard Sweet, Nudge, pg 114

Listen: Step One

You’ve found your community. You’ve found a person you’re curious and excited to get to know. Now it’s time to engage your senses, all five of them. The first one are your ears. It’s time to shut up and listen.


Step 2: Reflect

Recall a time when you felt deeply heard. What was it about the other person's actions that helped you to know that they were listening?

Deeper reading

In the sensory classes, we will be referencing "Nudge: Awaking Each Other to the God Who's Already There" as we live out this style of Evangelism. To read more about this, read Chapter 4: Pause: Use Your Ears. 

Nudge HighLight:

Page 156 - 157: "When your song is right, your crowd is captive. But there are two kinds of captivity depending on the singer: those who sing a song that points to their voice and virtuoso, and those who get out of the way and let the music sing, who let the song flow and glow . . .  Nudgers sing others to healing and wholeness. Nudgers sing Jesus to one another."

What kind of singer have you been in your life? How can you become someone who lets the song lead the way instead of the voice?

What can it mean to sing others to healing and wholeness? What can it mean to your life to sing Jesus to one another?

Next Step

Practice the 90/10 rule.

Invite someone to join you for a beverage in a public, low pressure place. Plan on a one hour meeting, one to one. Let them know that you simply want to know more about them. 

Key tips: No agendas! This is not a date. This is not a recruitment visit. This is not a networking meeting or a chance to set up for a product pitch. You are only there to get to know this person. Here are a few starter questions if you're feeling stuck!

What is bringing you joy in your life right now?
What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies?
What are you excited about this month?

Remember, your goal is to only talk 10 percent of the time! Have fun!

Community Conversation

If you're looking to brainstorm more questions, come on over to the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group. We would love to share ideas.