Next Steps


Next Steps

You have been incredibly courageous to try this new way of doing Evangelism in North America.
As you continue to do this work remember, this is challenging. This is hard. This is our call for our lives and it’s not something that is going to automatically bring you quick results.


Step 2: Reflect

Look back over this curriculum. What has been the most challenging part of this journey for you?

What exercises were particularly helpful for you?

What has felt incredibly natural for you? How can you build from this?

Upon reflection, can you locate a Nudge moment? How can you celebrate that? 

Community Conversation

Please stay connected with the larger community. Together we can learn more about healing God's world and singing the good news. Your experiences are a helpful part of the greater conversation. You are welcome to continue to participate in the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group

Next Step

Don't give up

Trying something new is challenging. Re-imagining how we interact as people of faith with the world around us will not necessarily happen overnight. It is important to remember that this will take time. Your "results" will be hard to quantify and sometimes even harder to see. When you catch the glimpse of a God moment, savor it. Rejoice. Write it down to remind yourself. And just keep going. 

Deeper Reflections

I am very interested to hear about your experience of this curriculum. Please take a few moments and fill out this evaluation.  


Evangelists always nudge . . . Their attitude is less “Look at what you’re doing! What are you thinking?” than “Look at what God is already doing in you!” Nudgers give attendance more than they take attendance or count attendance. They less tuck people in than rustle them out of their sleeping quarters to awaken to more interesting, more humorous, more unique ways of being. Nudgers leave more tracks than tracts.
— Leonard Sweet, Nudge, pg 31