Nudge: Step One

Nudge Evangelism is not about telling the story. It’s not about presenting it to anyone. Nudge Evangelism is about living the story. Every day, all day, wherever we are. It means embodying the gospel story. It means being a part of the healing force of Jesus Christ in this world. 


Step 2: Reflect

What have you learned about evangelism in past classes at church? 

Nudge Evangelism removes us from the driver's seat. How do you feel about this?

How does it feel to remove counting the "nickels and noses" from the metrics that measure successful evangelism?

What about this style of evangelism is exciting to you?

Deeper reading

It's time to officially open up Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There. For deeper reading to understand these ideas, read through Part I of the book. This foundation of understanding the deep presence of God and our role in awakening one another to that presence will give a theological foundation for the sensory work ahead. 

“There is no understanding without standing under. Nudge is not taking or talking God to people. Nudge is helping people speak for themselves after they realize they’ve been spoken to . . . Nudgers help other to listen to their lives and to hear, see, taste, touch, and smell the sacredness of their own journeys. Nudgers help others “hear into speech” so that they can “speak for themselves.” Most importantly, nudgers never speak until they’ve been spoken to.
— Leonard Sweet, Nudge, pg 120

Next Step: Five minutes in Prayer

Take a moment of reflection. Has anyone ever asked you about your faith life? What made them curious? Was it because of what you said, or who you are? 

Haven't had that experience yet? It's ok! 

Either way, set a timer and spend 5 minutes. You can give thanks or ask for help. You can let your mind wander to that new community you're exploring or communities you have known for a long time. Simply be intentional and let your heart sit with this new idea.

Community Conversation

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