Preview of the God With/In Curriculum

Welcome. Thank you for checking out this new curriculum! This is your chance to see the format of the class and hear the introduction to the program. You can watch the first video, see some of the digging deeper materials and a few of the reflection questions for this first of 11 lessons. Click here to order access to the full curriculum.


Welcome: Step One

I am excited to help you learn about evangelism in North America in the 21st Century. Together we will sing the amazing Good News Song of Christ in this world. Get ready for tools for evangelism in the modern century in the modern place. Step one: watch the video. Then dig in below.


Each lesson will include a series of reflection questions. These questions can be encountered on your own, for example as a journal or prayer prompt, or can be used in a small group setting. If you are talking in a small group, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with these guidelines for Respectful Communication and Mutual Invitation. These tools can enhance the trust and participation of many individuals.

Step 2: Reflect

How did you learn about your faith? Who taught you about Jesus?

When was the first time you were invited to participate in a faith event? (For example worship, service project, or other event hosted by a Christian congregation.) How did it feel to be invited in that way?

What is your own history with sharing your faith with others? What did you enjoy about that experience? What was challenging for you?

Deeper Reading

Read more about North America's changing religious landscape by visiting the Pew Research Center and spending time in their reports.

Next Steps 

This research and curriculum was influenced by Leonard Sweet's book, Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There. This book is strongly recommended as a supplemental text to this curriculum.

Evangelists nudge people to life. Evangelists nudge people to take deep breaths. Evangelists blow breath into people.
— Leonard Sweet, Nudge, pg 33