Sight: Step One

One of the keys of this style of evangelism is learning how to use our own eyes to be able to see things that are around us. 

God is always found on the edges. And so, we look to the edges of our culture.


Step 2: Reflect

When have you felt like you were out on the edges of society/culture? 

What edgy places draw your curiosity and intrigue? 

Where do you find yourself the most likely to indulge in judging people on the edges? Explore those assumptions and challenge yourself to see those groups through Jesus' eyes. (Remember, whenever we draw a line between "us" and "them," Jesus is inevitably standing on the other side of that line!)

Next Step


Go somewhere you do not expect to see God. For some folks that will be the grocery store, for others a tattoo parlor, for someone else perhaps it's the local bar or shopping mall. Figure out where you, honestly, least expect to easily find sightings of God. Then go there. Spend time watching for God through kind words, laughter, joy, generosity. Remember that others are also watching you, so be ready to smile, tip generously, and be a part of God's presence in that place. 

Deeper reading

In each sensory class we will be referencing "Nudge: Awaking Each Other to the God Who's Already There." Take a peak at Chapter 6: Picture: Use Your Eyes. 

Nudge Highlights:

Page 213 -214: "Don't expect God's presence to be most visible at the centers or the obvious . . . Jesus was most at home on the fringe then, and now. Jesus was seen as an anticlerical layperson by the religious establishment." 

Page 225: "It's so hard for people to hear 'God loves you so much' when the church loves so little . . . Who is the worst person you know? Think about it for a minute . . . Can you see Jesus in them?"

Deeper Questions:

Read through the story of the Samaritan Woman who meets Jesus at the well. (John 4:1-42)

In what ways is this woman a member of the fringe? How is Jesus ignoring religious establishment by speaking to her?

What do you think Jesus' eyes saw in this woman?

Did you know that this woman is known as St. Photini in the Orthodox church? Learn more of her story here.

Community Conversation

Opening our eyes to see the world in a new way is an amazing skill to practice. Share the surprising places that you have seen God in the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group