Smell: Step One

Our sense of smell keys us into time and place, it refreshes our memories, it plays with our brains in awesome ways. So why wouldn’t you use the sense of smell in order to help people recognize God in their midst?

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Step 2: Reflect

Make a list!

  • 5 favorite smells
  • 4 odious fragrances
  • 3 laugh inducing odors
  • 2 groan inspiring bouquets
  • 1 cherished nostalgic aroma
  • What emotions do each of these smells produce?
  • What memories do they inspire?

What smells immediately came to mind during this video? What fragrances are deeply tied into your memories?

Next Step

Take time to smell

Slow down and smell the roses! Or anything, really. Be intentional and make the time to identify 5 unique fragrances that you experience. Notice what memories they bring up for you and how strongly you experience any emotions connected with those memories. Next, ask someone close to you about their favorite fragrance and the memories that go along with it. 

Deeper reading

You've made it to the final chapter of "Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There." Read more about the power of your nose is Chapter 8: Promise: Use Your Nose. 

Nudge Highlight:

Page 251: "The apostle Paul once wrote that you and I are to be the fragrance that triggers memories of Christ, the essence of Jesus. 'We are to God the aroma of Christ.' (2 Corinthians 2:15-17)
So what does Jesus smell like?"  

Deeper Question:

What are the smells that you associate with Jesus? Perhaps it's the smell of your Grandmother's purse? Or slightly musty carpet? Or freshly burning incense? Beeswax? Or perhaps the smell of Jesus for you is well used roller derby gear, or good Texas BBQ. What could Jesus smell like if we didn't expect him to only exist in church buildings?

Community Conversation

Come and share your lists over in the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group