Taste: Step One

It’s time to learn about the next sense. It’s time to learn how to reach people through their taste buds.

The sense of taste is a powerful, strong, and visceral experience. Don’t discount it.


(Note that for some people taste can be a deep challenge. Many people in our country struggle with disordered eating or have homes where meal time was not always a loving experience. If you are talking about this in a group setting, remember those Respectful Communication Guidelines and engage in the opportunity to listen to those around you.)

Step 2: Reflect

What are the table traditions of your family?

What is your favorite spice or family recipe? What stories do these tastes conjure up for you?

Does your faith community practice the holy meal? (Eucharist, Lord's Supper, Communion) How often do you receive?  What other tastes make you think of God?

Deeper reading

In each sensory class we will be referencing "Nudge: Awaking Each Other to the God Who's Already There." This class, take a bite out of Chapter 5: Presence: Taste. 

Nudge Highlight:

Page 196: "Of the three main roles Jesus performed -- preacher, teacher, healer -- the role of healer is most important for evangelism in the twenty-first century . . . Nudgers will lay bare a smorgasbord of options of what healthy life looks like." 

What healthy taste choices are you making for yourself and for those you feed that are inspired by your faith?

Next Step

Plan a meal.

First, plan a meal that brings you joy. It's hard to recognize joy in others when we don't experience it ourselves. Make the time to taste something truly wonderful and think about why this experience is a gift for you.

Next, plan a meal for someone else! It can be in your home or it can be at a restaurant. The key is to pay attention to what brings them joy. Let yourself be curious and ask questions. Learn more about this person. As your doing this, notice how the joy your share is a rich blessing from God. 

Community Conversation

Accountability helps us all step into new habits and take on new challenges. Come on over to the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group and share your meal plans and recipes! (You can also reflect more on how successful your 90/10 conversation was.)