Touch: Step One

The next sense we’re going to talk about is touch. How we touch the world and how we experience God through that touch.

One of the things that we are called to do as people of faith is to learn how to provide that safe, soft, gentle touch in a consensual way with and among one another.

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This is another one of those topics that may bring up big conversations. Be sure to mind those Respectful Communication Guidelines if you're in a group and remember when practicing mutual invitation that you can always pass if you have been invited to speak.

Step 2: Reflect

Take a moment and think about the last time you received a safe hug. Who was it from? How long ago was it? How often do you receive touch? 

From whom do you most often welcome touch? (Spouse? Friend? Pet?)

Do you hold hands with others when you pray with and for them? This may be one place where you could offer touch to someone that you know.

Next Step

More practice!

Like taste, this is something you need to start knowing where you are personally comfortable, or not. Discern your comfort level with touching others and receiving touch. Then intentionally practice using that safe level of touch with others. As always, it is critical that you receive consent from others, so communicate and let this grow over time. Start with high fives and fist bumps before you move on to embracing someone in their time of need.

Deeper reading

Touch is a challenge in our current world, so take the time to read "Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God Who's Already There" Chapter 7: Ponder: Touch. 

Nudge Highlight:

Page 243: "For Jesus, to carry the holy was to reach out and touch, not the cherubim and seraphim, but the castaways and sinners. Jesus was always reaching out to touch the untouchables, and the untouchables were always reaching out to touch him. Before healing a leper, Jesus reached out his hand and touched him. (Matthew 8:3; Mark 1:41) Before bringing the daughter of Jarius back to life, he took her hand and said, 'Little girl, get up!' (Mark 5:41, NRSV) Before Lazarus could walk after Jesus raised him from the dead, Jesus made his disciples touch him. (John 11:44)"   

Deeper Question:

Ponder back to healing moments again. Notice how touch is commonly a significant action when healing occurs. Have you ever experienced touch as healing?

Community Conversation

Sometimes it is helpful to share ideas on challenging topics. Come over to the God With/In Curriculum Community Facebook Group to talk about this class's activities.